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Page Up Hack Scandal

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Jobseekers have been forced to revert to old
school phone calls and emails in the wake of an
international hacking scandal which has seen
personal details end up in the hands of cyber
criminals. (Read More)

Author: Melanie Burgess

Winning The Good Fight

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Glass ceilings are out of fashion at a Chatswood
law firm which is leading the way in redressing the
legal world’s gender imbalance.
Women account for 80 per cent of the
approximately 50 staff at Atkinson
Vinden Lawyers, where the equal
opportunity culture is epitomised by
senior associate Caitilin Watson. (Read More)

Author: Doug Conway

Celebrities Helpless Over Fake Images

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In the last couple of years, certain events
have forced us – more so than ever – to stop
and question what we see online – things like,
Donald Trump’s popularity and the Cambridge
Analytica scandal.
In other words, we have learned that not
everything is as it appears on the screen in front
of us.

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Author: Jessica Rapana


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