Atkinson Vinden Turns 40 in 2018.

Janice Martin is AV’s longest-standing employee, celebrating 38 years’ service this year.

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Atkinson Vinden Turns 40 In 2018

We asked Janice to shed some light on what it has been like to work at AV over such a long period, why she thinks AV has been so successful, and what she thinks the future holds for the firm. Here’s what she said:

Atkinson Vinden is turning 40!!
Yes, in 2018 Atkinson Vinden Lawyers will have been in practice for 40 years and I will have been a part of that for 38 of those years!! If you are like most people you may find this hard to believe! But I do have my reasons!!

I was the first full-time employee at Atkinson Vinden, starting out as the receptionist/typist/office junior. Attending to my banking duties way back then, Chatswood was a very different place. Chatswood Chase was not yet built and the throng of people was far less than it is today. My first day on the job I remember when my boss was showing me the way to the DX mailing rooms and greeting just about everyone by name as we walked along. It would be impossible to do this today! Over the years my role has changed many times, holding many varied positions such as receptionist, typist, secretary, paralegal to now what is my current job as marketing manager.
I attribute having always been afforded the luxury of a wonderful work/life balance as being one of the key reasons for my work longevity. Other reasons include the challenging roles I have been tasked with, the respect I have for my colleagues, the long-lasting friendships I have formed and of course I value loyalty.

Over the years the firm of Atkinson Vinden has changed in so many ways, the most obvious one being the size. From the early days of two partners, one full-time staff member and two or three part-timers, the firm now employs around 18 part-time and 30 full-time staff with two partners at the helm. The work type is different too, in the primary years, the composition was mainly property, leasing, wills and estates and today we have evolved into the high end of the property and commercial work, employment and family law and of course AV is a major player in the retirement village industry. Our clients are diverse ranging from medium and large corporations through to small businesses and families.

Along with keeping up with changes in the law, AV has always kept up with the revolutionary advancements in technology. Gone are the days of the self-correcting IBM typewriters and foot pedal dictaphones to the now state of the art computers and software and of course voice typing.

A contributing factor to AV’s continued success has, I believe, been the staff that have been and continue to be employed. There is an open door policy at AV which allows for open, honest communication between partners and staff. The firm’s motto “Right People, Right Advice” can only be upheld by the proper staff. AV certainly has dedicated staff working hard to provide the right outcome for our clients.

Looking forward I predict that AV will be around for many more years to come and I am proud to have been a part of the early days to where we are today. I have met and worked with an amazing array of people, made lifelong friends, been presented with many varied opportunities and have enjoyed a fantastic work/life balance. With continued growth, dedication and authenticity AV will remain an impressive law firm where clients can certainly feel they are in very safe hands.


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