Atkinson Vinden is a dynamic and successful Sydney Law Firm, based in CBD Sydney, Chatswood and Parramatta.

We have 40 years’ experience. Our 50+ staff allows us to consistently provide fantastic legal services to our clients by focusing on building relationships of enduring value – personal and business. We have niche skills in specific industries, with published authors and leaders in their chosen fields. Key areas include SMEs, Med Tech, RV & Aged Care, Family & Employment. Our clients range from medium and large corporations through to small businesses and families. Clients consistently enjoy a positive experience working with us – we are caring, professional and highly skilled in the services we provide. We want to make a difference in the world by amplifying the voices of our clients through listening well and by being articulate and persuasive on their behalf.

Providing cost effective, expert legal advice

The golden thread running through all practice areas is a dedication to providing legal solutions that are practically-minded and cost-effective. Our focus remains achieving the best outcomes for our clients through commitment to the motto, ‘Right People, Right Advice’.

  • Right People

    By being the Right People, our staff work to achieve the best outcome for you, we listen carefully to you so that we understand what you actually need, we are open and honest – no nonsense, and we provide accessibility and depth by working in teams.

  • Right Advice

    In focusing on providing the Right Advice, we problem-solve in a practical way so that our advice is tailored to you, we provide high quality advice and representation through talent, knowledge and experience, and we identify legal solutions of enduring value to you and your business.

Rod Berry Managing Partner

What does good advice look like?

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  • April LawAlert Louise

    Worker who drunkenly threatened and swore at his colleagues, wins his job back again

    A recent Fair Work Commission decision has provided some clarity regarding the weight employers must afford to mitigating factors when considering whether or not an employee’s dismissal is justified. Illawarra Coal Holdings Pty Ltd T/A South 32 v Matthew Gosek [2018] FWCFB 749 involved an employee who had been working for Illawarra Coal for 11...

    Employment Law
  • April LawAlert Michael

    Proposed changes to the Australian Consumer Law

    Every business operator needs to be on top of how the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) operates, including the regular amendments being made. Currently there is legislation before Federal Parliament which, if passed, will impact on the wording of consumer warranties, and the potential penalties imposed on companies which breach the ACL. In relation to warranties,...

    Commercial Law
  • April LawAlert Rod

    Protecting Your Company’s Reputation in the Face of Malicious Public Statements

    While we hear many stories in the media about famous people bringing defamation suits to protect their reputations, a lot less is said about companies taking action against potentially defamatory public statements against them. The main reason for this difference is that legislation currently prevents companies which employ more than 10 people from bringing defamation...