Atkinson Vinden is a dynamic and successful Sydney Law Firm, based in CBD Sydney, Chatswood and Parramatta.

We have 40 years’ experience. Our 50+ staff allows us to consistently provide fantastic legal services to our clients by focusing on building relationships of enduring value – personal and business. We have niche skills in specific industries, with published authors and leaders in their chosen fields. Key areas include SMEs, Med Tech, RV & Aged Care, Family & Employment. Our clients range from medium and large corporations through to small businesses and families. Clients consistently enjoy a positive experience working with us – we are caring, professional and highly skilled in the services we provide. We want to make a difference in the world by amplifying the voices of our clients through listening well and by being articulate and persuasive on their behalf.

Providing cost effective, expert legal advice

The golden thread running through all practice areas is a dedication to providing legal solutions that are practically-minded and cost-effective. Our focus remains achieving the best outcomes for our clients through commitment to the motto, ‘Right People, Right Advice’.

  • Right People

    By being the Right People, our staff work to achieve the best outcome for you, we listen carefully to you so that we understand what you actually need, we are open and honest – no nonsense, and we provide accessibility and depth by working in teams.

  • Right Advice

    In focusing on providing the Right Advice, we problem-solve in a practical way so that our advice is tailored to you, we provide high quality advice and representation through talent, knowledge and experience, and we identify legal solutions of enduring value to you and your business.

Janelle Boutros Partner

Measuring Value and the Five Ps

Most lawyers charge by the hour, a quantitative measure. Increasingly, astute clients are looking for a more qualitative measure, focused on what has actually been achieved through the efforts of their solicitor. To make sure that we are providing true value to our clients, we have devised a fresh understanding of the professional services delivery process based on what we call the Five P's.

2. Practicalities

Our clients will come to the discussion with a number of PRACTICALITIES in the forefront of their thinking. It might be having to co-ordinate the settlement dates of the sale or purchase of properties, organizing finance, working out child custody arrangements, or working through cash flow pressures following redundancy of employment or due to downturn.We help to give you peace of mind around how to handle all of these details.

3. Pain Points

Clients also have a number of PAIN POINTS which we need to be aware of, and to prioritise, as part of our work. We need to focus on the issues which are of greatest concern to you.

4. Points Of Contention

In most of the legal work that we do for clients, there are issues in dispute with another party, whether it be negotiating the terms of a commercial or property agreement, or working through a compromise of a court dispute. POINTS OF CONTENTIONS between the parties need to be clearly articulated, and time spent working out what the real issues are, as opposed to the surface issues.

5. Processes

The legal system requires certain PROCESSES be followed, such as rules around creating a binding legal contract, the service of notices or steps involved in a court case. An important part of our work is helping you to understand these processes and to work out with you the most cost and time-effective ways of harnessing those processes to achieve the best outcome.

Keith Chow joins the AV Lawyers Team

AV are proud to announce the addition of Keith Chow, and his vast experience to our property team.

Along with Keith, his support staff; Vivian Yuen ( and Florence Poon, who have been assisting him for 20 years, have also both made the move. If you are already familiar with Keiths work you can expect the same level of satisfaction and effective service he has always offered you, along now with AV’s considerable resources.

As a Special Counsel of Atkinson Vinden, Keith now based in our Chatswood offices is still just one call (0408-261-808) or email away (, yet if it does suit you better then we also have offices in Sydney’s CBD and Parramatta.

“As assisted by Vivian & Florence and with the support of all other solicitors at AV Lawyers I am able, happy, privileged and committed to continue rendering quality and satisfactory legal services to you. Once again thank you for your instruction in the past and for your support in years to come.”

Yours faithfully Special Counsel: Keith Chow Atkinson Vinden Lawyers

Take a look at the last item of work done for you by your lawyer. Did they deliver on the Five P’s?

What makes Atkinson Vinden Lawyers unique?

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