Atkinson Vinden is the biggest and brightest law firm in Sydney’s north.

We are a well established Sydney-based law firm based in Chatswood, with a passionate team of 50. Our clients range from medium and large corporations through to small businesses and families. Our depth of resources allows us to consistently provide fantastic legal services to our clients. We are recognised as the leading law firm in the Chatswood and Lower North Shore region of Sydney, with published legal authors and a specialist accredited by the Law Society of NSW.

Providing cost effective, expert legal advice

The golden thread running through all practice areas is a dedication to providing legal solutions that are practically-minded and cost-effective. Our focus remains achieving the best outcomes for our clients through commitment to the motto, ‘Right People, Right Advice’.

  • Right People

    By being the Right People, our staff work to achieve the best outcome for you, we listen carefully to you so that we understand what you actually need, we are open and honest – no nonsense, and we provide accessibility and depth by working in teams.

  • Right Advice

    In focusing on providing the Right Advice, we problem-solve in a practical way so that our advice is tailored to you, we provide high quality advice and representation through talent, knowledge and experience, and we identify legal solutions of enduring value to you and your business.

What does good advice look like?

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